Tech Knit – Interactive Timeline

The Story

Tech Knit, Nike’s latest performance clothing line, hit the market on February 4th. For the announcement, Nike wanted to create a special experience that would tell a story; one that illustrates the activity and extremes of one’s day, and outlines the need for such a clothing line. We collaborated with Chicago design team, Studio 424, to create an interactive timeline that followed and photographed two athletes throughout a single day (7AM-9PM). Each athlete wore a tracking device to monitor their activity and the ambient temperature of the room, which would then be visualized in the web app.

The Challenge

Intelligently load 1400 individual photos (no video). Mobile + cross browser support. Sequence photos and data into an interactive timeline with scrubbing, and autoplay capabilities.

The Tech

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Fitbit API