The Story

To celebrate the release of the 29th shoe in the collection (the XX9), the Jordan brand held a series of shoe trials in Chicago and New York where users had a chance to try out the new sneakers and "fly". To commemorate the moment, we wanted to capture that flight for fans, while giving them a takeaway to share with their friends on socials.

The setup was activated at the World Basketball festival in Chicago,

Terminal 23 (a hidden, renovated ballroom behind Hotel Pennsylvania Manhattan), and was part of a FootAction takeover in NYC.

The Challenge

Trigger and capture 8 photographs in 1.5 seconds and then programmatically compile those photos into an animated GIF and display in real time. Develop a user management and delivery system which allows users to find their GIF and then text it or email it to themselves.

The Tech

  • 8 DSLRs
  • Custom Node.js capture and rendering software
  • Lasers. Yep. Lasers.