The Story

For the release of the new Guitar Hero Live game, Activision asked us to create a live virtual stage dive experience to complement the game’s “live” audience. We gave the fans an awesome way to finish their performance and show off to their virtual audience by jumping into the crowd, naturally. We erected a stage fitted with two cameras recording their jump. The video would be processed in near real time, automatically editing in an audience in place of a green screen pad. The final video could then be delivered by text and email for them to show off across social networks.

The Challenge

  1. Capture and encode video in real time, automatically.
  2. Add FX and edit video dynamically.
  3. Encode video and deliver it to the users for sharing.

The Tech

  • Custom Laser Triggered Hardware
  • Sony Action Cams & Blackmagic Video Capture and Encoders
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Amazon S3 & Twilio
  • Node.js