Fitz And The Tantrums

The Story

Fitz and management reached out to us to create their third self titled album ‘Fitz And The Tantrums’. Having done the first two albums, our challenge was to create something new and fresh that represented the natural progression that the music was taking, while including nods to previous creative. We accepted the challenge and dove in head first. It became clear early on that the album creative had to represent a high-energy, feel-good pop vibe while retaining some mystery. With that as our foundation and many Red Bulls later, we came up with the hand with neon overlays. The human hand adds a visceral feeling that nods to the relationship of man and music. The neon lights promote a high energy feeling of excitement. 

Together, the album art is meant to promote one thing and one thing only, fun. We’re pumped on the outcome and always excited to work Fitz and team.