Dierks Bentley – Black

The Story

We always love working with Dierks and his team. so when we were approached to work on the creative for his new album, BLACK, we were happy to take on the challenge. We wanted the new record’s creative to feel grittier and high contrast with a polished Rock & Roll edge. Dierks has matured as an artist and we wanted the packaging to reflect that growth.

With photography from Jim Wright, we set out to tell a visual story and were able to convey a feeling of seduction without beating you over the head with it. Using black and white throughout set Dierks apart from the pack but also brought an element of sophistication to the project and was seamlessly worked through all marketing surrounding the release of BLACK.

To coincide with the release of BLACK, Dierks’ management team wanted to find a way to somehow acknowledge all of the people that contributed to the making of the record. The idea was “Anatomy of Black,” a microsite that would feature video interviews with everyone who had a hand in the creation of the new record. From the label to the fans and everyone in between. We visually represent this in the form of mosaics and concentric circles all radiating out from the a circular crop of the album cover.