Dating Naked HTML5 Game

The Story

VH1 was about to kick-off the second season of their reality TV series, Dating Naked, and were looking to create campaign to boost the premiere. So we teamed up with VH1 to create an endless runner titled “Love’s a Beach”. Players choose from a variety of characters to partner up with, and then set out on a running, rafting, and four-wheeling adventure through various pixel art theme paradises. When the game is over, and your love has run dry, you can share your scores and unique partner graphic across Facebook and Twitter. It's like the Sims Nude patch, but[t] better.

The Challenge

Custom pixel art + pixel art animations. Multiple character combination logic. Homemade endless runner game code. Custom SFX (music by Ary Warner of Anamanaguchi). Mobile and desktop friendly. Two months.

The Tech

  • Phaser.js
  • Node.js