4D Immersive Brewery Tour + Beer Garage

The Story

We created and executed the first full-sensory VR experience in the form of a tour of the iconic Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis that mimicked, with pinpoint accuracy, the temperature, smell, sound and feel of each step in the Budweiser brewing process. Directed by Lex Halaby and produced by Brock Marlborough. In addition, and in an effort to raise awareness about the perils of drunk driving, we also created a fun, social experience that invited users to brainstorm and share ways in which they could #tackleimpossible. Produced as part of an experiential campaign for SXSW 2016 - A collaboration with Pro-ject for AB InBev's digital innovation team.


SXSW Interactive Adweek Writeup Event Marketer Writeup

The Challenge

  1. Create a 4D tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery.
  2. Develop a touch friendly, web based drawing submission application.
  3. Build a txt based registration and queuing app for the 4D experience

The Tech

  • Synchronized VR / 360 degree video
  • Node.js + React.js
  • Websockets
  • Canvas