Robert Schober

Hailing from the swampy marshes of Louisiana, Robert (Robo) Schober is one of The Uprising Creative’s newer Directors. After realizing he wanted to drop out of college in the middle of writing an in depth thesis on Foucault’s panopticon and the Epcot Center he decided to dive head first into teaching himself the intricacies of film making and VFX. Over the past few years he’s directed videos for The Killers, Green Day, Metallica, Deftones, and Demi Lovato, among others. He’s also worked with Ru Paul, Evan Rachel Wood, Jennifer Hudson, Google, Microsoft, and (dude, you’re getting a) Dell.

He received the NME Video of the Year award for his work with My Chemical Romance on “Na Na Na” and directed the video for Ghost’s Grammy Award winning single, “Cirice”.